Get In Media is a site for people who want to get their hands dirty. If you know where you want to go; if you’re still trying to find your way there; if you’re on your way but you’re at a fork in the road, here’s a map.

GetInMedia.com offers a stockpile of career information: company profiles, job descriptions, and the inside scoop from media professionals to help you navigate the entertainment business. Get In Media’s writers chart the media landscape, offering news, interviews, and features that tell the stories of the people who make the stuff you love.

Whether your destination is a job in music, film, television, games, or live event production, Get In Media has the resources to help you get in and get ahead.

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Get In Media is a career resource provided by Full Sail University. Since 1979, Full Sail University has been an innovative educational leader for those pursuing careers in entertainment media and arts. With on-campus and online bachelor’s and master’s degrees in areas of study that include music, television, film, and game, among others, Full Sail University is a leader in providing higher education to graduates who go on to become leaders in those industries.