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Test Case Scenario: Dr. Deborah Hendersen

Credit: Dr. Deborah HendersonCredit: Dr. Deborah HendersonThere’s often a deep divide between a game designer’s goal and a player’s expectations, and that’s where behavioral researcher Dr. Deborah Hendersen comes in.

Tastemaker: Ann Powers

Ann Powers has written for a who’s who of respected publications. The Seattle native began her career at The Rocket, one of the first magazines to help break grunge acts like Nirvana.

Power to the People: Elisabeth Holm

For a producer, Elisabeth Holm is in an advantageous place. After spending three years as head of Kickstarter’s film team, Holm left her enviable gig of helping filmmakers find financial backing for their projects to do the same for her own.

Brand Aid: Goldie Chan

Where publishers, music promoters, and production studios once stood, brands are stepping in to take their place.

Make it Weird: Oren Brimer on Producing 'The Pete Holmes Show'

Pete Holmes isn’t afraid to freely quote his therapist, get personal about his divorce, or wax on about losing his virginity, and he encourages guests to do the same. Holmes, who originally gained a cult audience through both his stand-up and blisteringly honest podcast, currently helms TBSThe Pete Holmes Show, which carries his trademark brand of comedy rooted in sincerity.

Fright Night: Juan Antonio Bayona

Credit: ShowtimeCredit: ShowtimeThere’s plenty of blood and guts in Showtime’s newest gothic fantasy series, but the real engine behind Penny Dreadful is psychological horror.

Fresh Kill: Greg Nicotero

Greg Nicotero started his film career on set with iconic horror director George Romero, so it’s perhaps destiny that 30 years after breaking into Hollywood with Day of the Dead, he’s still in the business of keeping the undead looking fresh.

Bright Ideas: Tracy Fullerton

Breathe in, slow down, and look around. Explore, and don’t for a second think about pulling out a gun or blowing a baddie away. In Tracy Fullerton’s games, enlightenment, not adrenalin, is the goal and getting there is a matter of thinking introspectively.

Mark Hensley: Taming Audio Anarchy

Credit: Prashant Gupta/FXCredit: Prashant Gupta/FXFor Mark Hensley, it’s always been about sound. Raised by American parents living in Holland, where his father worked on the oil pipelines, Hensley started out as a musician, playing guitar and singing with various bands.

Atlantic Connection Sets the Record Straight on Making Beats

Credit: Gil KonspiracyCredit: Gil KonspiracyDJ, producer, and musician Atlantic Connection grew up hearing theory, scales, and chords. Born Nathan Hayes, his mother was a professor of music and piano teacher. He started making music at age 16. Since then, Atlantic Connection has released numerous singles, EPs, albums, and toured.