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Master of the Universe: TQ Jefferson

While actor Chris Evans defends the world on screen, gamers can do the same from their mobile devices. One of several Marvel games that have been released in tandem with the franchise’s films and comic books, the Captain America: The Winter Soldier game is another step in merging the company’s rich superhero-filled universe across multiple mediums, says TQ Jefferson, Marvel’s VP of Game Production.

Man of Steel: Tony Swatton

Credit: Timothy BanksCredit: Timothy BanksTony Swatton puts me on hold for the best possible reason—a hoard of Vikings have entered his shop. Wizards, pirates, superheroes, evil aliens, general badasses, and anyone else brandishing a prop weapon are Tony’s bread and butter, so it’s not entirely out of place for a burly group of seafaring pillagers to come walking through the door.

Silent Lucidity: Josh Larson on Creating 'That Dragon, Cancer'

Josh Larson’s game isn’t supposed to be fun. It’s supposed to invoke pain, sorrow, joy, hope, and helplessness—anything but a passing feeling of amusement. Amidst the blood-curdling adventure games and cartoony mobile apps at South By Southwest, Larson’s small booth is nearly silent as players with headphones hang on every word of the game’s quiet dialogue and somber themes. Silence really is the only option here. How else can you play a game about childhood cancer?

Novel Approach: Kent Hudson

Three years ago, Kent Hudson gave a talk at the Game Developers Conference on how the industry could theoretically strengthen player-driven storylines. This week, he’s returning to San Francisco with an indie game that proves how it can be done.

Shawn Patterson: The Accidental Cartoon Composer

Composer and songwriter Shawn Patterson got his start in television on ‘90s series like The Ren & Stimpy Show and The Chipmunks. He has since produced work for Cartoon Network’s Robot Chicken

Zachary Heinzerling: Directing 'Cutie and the Boxer'

Zachary Heinzerling has an extensive education in documentary filmmaking. As a camera operator and associate producer, his credits include HBO’s Emmy Award-winning films Breaking the Huddle, Assault in the Ring, and Lombardi.

Color Commentary: Naomi Shohan

As the production designer on such visually distinctive films as American BeautyConstantine and I Am Legend, Naomi Shohan’s work affects audiences on many levels, from the emotional to the intellectual.

Sound Bites: Aaron Walz

If you want to spend most of your time making music, stay away from the gaming industry, says Aaron Walz. While writing tunes is a part of what Walz does—he has, after all, composed and sound designed tracks for more than 100 games—a larger part of his day is spent meeting with clients, tweaking his songs, and facing the constant battle of finding new work.

Mind Over Matter: Jen K. Messer

Abstract ideas rule Jen K. Messer’s working life. As a production designer for the National Geographic series Brain Games, Messer is charged with the not-so-simple task of creating physical props, set design, and set pieces that help experts illustrate complex science concepts.

Joey Sturgis: Producing Heavy Metal in the Box

These days, Joey Sturgis is the producer of choice for bands who want their metal hard, heavy, and with a flair for the dramatic. Working from a series of Midwest studios over the last decade (currently residing in Connersville, Ind.), he’s built an impressive, lengthy resume featuring works by a who’s who of artists currently defining the heavy music genres.