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Vance Van Petten: Establishing the Producers Mark

From keeping projects on budget to hiring the right crew, producers are charged with a broad range of responsibilities on films. When award season rolls around, that makes determining who should get credit a daunting task.

Ben Blacker: Pitching a Television Series

Regardless of how innovative your concept or brilliant your script, you’ve got to convince a television network that your project is worth pursuing to see it on air.

Jenni Powell: Mastering YouTube

Imitation may be the highest form of flattery. In fact, it’s what got producer Jenni Powell her first gig in online media.

Wendy Day: Hip-hop Mentor

Wendy Day is the first to admit that a 50-year-old white woman with no background in music is an unlikely ally for hip-hop artists. But after selling her condo, investments, and car to start Rap Coalition in 1992, Day has evolved into one of the most powerful weapons rappers have.

Michael Semanick: Re-recording Mixer at Skywalker Sound

Re-recording on films isn’t where you start; it’s a job you earn after years of doing every other sound gig. In charge of ensuring that the dialogue, music, and sound effects for motion pictures blend together seamlessly, re-recorders spend years building up experience and trust with directors.

David Semel: From 'Heroes' to 'American Horror Story'

Credit: FXCredit: FXBefore he directed episodes of Hemlock Grove, American Horror Story, Homeland, and CSI, David Semel was a Los Angeles film student just trying to gain experience. Interning for free on a small indie film, Semel got his first real exposure to post-production by lying his way into the editing room.

Richard Hatem: Producing 'Grimm' and 'Once Upon a Time in Wonderland'

If your spec script isn’t getting the attention it deserves, take heart. Richard Hatem spent a decade writing 25 film scripts and television episodes before selling anything.

Heather Kelley: Designing Experimental Games

Photo by: Keita TakahashiPhoto by: Keita TakahashiPlaying online or through a console in your living room is one way to game, but Heather Kelley, founder of the game development company Perfect Plum and co-founder of the experimental game collective Kokoromi, wants you to think bigger. Much bigger.

Oscar Dominguez: Lighting Design on 'The Voice'

If you’re having trouble getting a job, ask dad for help. That’s how Oscar Dominguez landed his first post-high school gig.

There was a little television studio not far from a restaurant that my father ran, a little Mexican place,” Oscar says. “[The studio] guys would stop in from time to time. [My dad] went over and said, ‘Hey, my son’s all right at fixing stuff and he’s relatively clever. Could you guys give him a job?’”