The B-Roll

Motion sensor games all the rage at E3: virtual high-five, Sony!

Student Oscars announced: a lot of winners thanking their moms rather than their agents, lawyers, or studio heads.

Ellen DeGeneres’ new record label: great news for 12-year-old YouTube sensations. First artist signed is Greyson Chance, the “Paparazzi Boy” … anyone surprised?

Sneak preview: the $20 movie ticket. For that price Shrek better jump off the screen and hold your popcorn.

Blockbuster sends warning to movie studios: Give us your movies before Netflix and Redbox or you won’t get shelf space. Question: Does anyone even rent from Blockbuster anymore?

Craigslist launches web series. Does that mean we’ll have to see those creepy guys who place the “casual encounters” ads?