The B-Roll

In a world without art, Taylor Swift is all that remains of music.

In the film adaptation of Lois Lowry’s dystopian YA novel, society has shunned personal expression and creativity in favor of “Sameness.” All that remains of humanity’s recollection before the conversion are handed down from The Giver to a Receiver of Memories. Swift plays the pivotal role of Rosemary, a former Receiver, who demonstrates the lost art of music in this new clip from the film.

The Giver arrives in theaters on August 15. 

Amazon today announced it will debut its highly anticipated third pilot season August 28 on Amazon Instant Video in the US and the UK. Customers who watch the pilots will visit modern day Paris, step into the world of a vigilante who has visions from God, follow along as a psycho-physiological illness tears apart a town, explore the complexities of marriage, and take a trip to a country club in 1980’s New Jersey. Once again, customers are invited to watch and provide feedback on the shows they want to see turned into full series. The pilots can be viewed later this month with the Amazon Instant Video app available on Fire TV, Kindle Fire tablets, Fire phone, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Roku, Xbox, PlayStation, Wii, as well as hundreds of other connected devices such as smart TVs—or customers can visit to watch online.

Five pilots will be available including half hour comedies The CosmopolitansReally and  Red Oaksand hour-long dramatic thrillers Hand of God and Hysteria. The pilots come from renowned creators including Shaun CassidyJay ChandrasekharMarc ForsterDavid Gordon GreenSteven Soderbergh and Whit Stillman, and star Selma BlairAdam BrodySarah ChalkeDana DelanyRon PerlmanPaul ReiserChloë Sevigny and Mena Suvari.

“We are delighted to be able to bring Amazon customers new shows from some of Hollywood’s most talented actors and creators,” said  Roy Price, Director of Amazon Studios. “There is something for everyone in this season and I can’t wait to hear our customers’ feedback when they premiere later this month.”

As part of its unique development process, Amazon gives customers an opportunity to provide feedback on which pilots they want turned into series on Prime Instant Video. During pilot season, any Amazon customer can watch, rate and comment on the pilots. At the end of pilot season, that feedback helps determine the shows that become an Amazon Original Series. This past April, Amazon customers posted tens of thousands of comments during the second pilot season, which helped Amazon decide to green light six series—Transparent,  Mozart in the JungleBoschThe After, and kids series Gortimer Gibbon’s Life on Normal Street and Wishenpoof!

Amazon’s third pilot season includes the following shows:

The Cosmopolitans

Written, directed and produced by Academy Award nominee Whit Stillman (MetropolitanBarcelonaThe Last Days of Disco), The Cosmopolitans follows a group of young American expatriates in contemporary Paris searching for love and friendship in a foreign city. The romantic comedy pilot stars Adam Brody as “Jimmy,” Chloë Sevigny as “Vicky,” Carrie MacLemore as “Aubrey,” Dree Hemingway as “Camille,” Freddy Åsblom as “Fritz,” Jordan Rountree as “Hal,” and Adriano Giannini as “Sandro.” The pilot was filmed on location in Paris.

Hand of God

Marking the television debut of renowned filmmaker Marc Forster (Monster’s BallFinding NeverlandWorld War Z) and written by Ben Watkins, Hand of God stars Golden Globe winner Ron Perlman in his first lead television role since Sons of Anarchy as “Judge Pernell Harris.” Hand of God also stars Dana Delany as the Judge’s protective wife “Crystal Harris,” Garret Dillahunt as “KD,” the born-again sociopath whose violent tendencies are exploited by Pernell, Andre Royo as the slick, smart, gregarious, and greedy mayor “Robert ‘Bobo’ Boston,” Alona Tal as Pernell’s grieving daughter-in-law “Jocelyn Harris,” Julian Morris as the questionable preacher “Paul Curtis,” Elizabeth McLaughlin as the preacher’s sultry girlfriend “Alicia,” and Emayatzy Corinealdi as Pernell’s call girl and confidante “Tessie.” The show centers on the powerful Judge Harris, a hard-living, law-bending married man with a high-end call girl on the side, who suffers a mental breakdown and goes on a vigilante quest to find the rapist who tore his family apart. With no real evidence to go on, Pernell begins to rely on “visions” and “messages” he believes are being sent by God through Pernell’s ventilator-bound son. Forster, Watkins, Perlman, Brian Wilkins and Jeff King are Executive Producers, and Jillian Kugler is co-Executive Producer.


Hysteria takes viewers to Austin, Texas where social connection has become contagious. In the pilot, members of a girls’ competitive dance team are stricken with a strange, psycho-physiological illness that manifests itself in violent fits and spasms and then begins spreading in the community through technology. Neurologist  Logan Harlen (played by Mena Suvari) returns to her hometown to investigate the cause. Fighting her own demons and the growing manipulation of a brother on death row, Logan develops an uneasy suspicion that the hysteria surrounding the girls might actually be linked to social media and her own tragic past. Hysteria is written by Shaun Cassidy, who is known for genre thrillers such as Invasionand American Gothic, and directed by Otto Bathurst, who won the BAFTA Award for his work on the critically-acclaimed U.K. mini-series Peaky Blinders. The show also stars James McDaniel (Orange Is The New Black) as “Carl Sapsi,” Josh Stewart (The Dark Knight Rises) as “Ray Ratajeck,” Adan Canto (X-Men: Days of Future Past) as “Matt Sanchez,” Laura San Giacomo (Saving Grace) as “Grace Pelayo” and T.R. Knight (Grey’s Anatomy) as “Carter Harlen.” The show is written by Cassidy, who is also Executive Producer alongside Adam SchroederSharon HallAndrew KosoveBroderick JohnsonBryan Zuriff, and Bathurst. In addition to Suvari, McDaniel, Stewart, Canto, San Giacomo and Knight, Hysteria also starsElla Rae Peck and Jenessa Grant. Pilot guest stars include Jason DouglasHeather KafkaAsjha Cooper, and Evie Thompson. Amazon Studios is collaborating with Universal Television and Alcon Television Group on the production ofHysteria.


Written, directed and starring Jay ChandrasekharReally is a funny, extremely, honest behind-the-curtain look at the complexities of marriage and the charged dynamics of a tight-knit group of friends. The show is about four hard-charging suburban Chicago couples trying to grasp on-to their dwindling youth. At the center are the happily but messily married couple “Jed,” played by Chandrasekhar, and “Lori,” played by Sarah Chalke. When Jed is faced with the choice of keeping his pal’s secret or destroying his friend group, he winds up digging himself into a very deep hole. Really explores marriage, friendship and the stifling peculiarities of suburban Chicago life. The pilot also stars Selma BlairTravis SchuldtHayes MacArthurCollette WolfeLuka JonesLindsay Sloane and Rob DelaneyReally comes from Main Street Films’ Craig Chang and Harrison Kordestani, and Executive Producer Jamie Tarses (Happy Endings).

Red Oaks

Directed by Sundance award-winner David Gordon Green (Pineapple Express, Eastbound and Down) and produced by Academy Award winner Steven Soderbergh (Behind the Candelabra, Traffic, Ocean’s Eleven), Red Oaks stars Craig Roberts (Submarine) as “David Myers,” an assistant tennis pro at the Red Oaks Country Club in suburban New Jersey in 1985, who is both reeling from his father’s heart attack and conflicted about what major to declare in the fall. While there, he meets a colorful cast of misfit co-workers and wealthy club members including an alluring art student named “Skye” (played by guest star Alexandra Socha) and her corporate raider father “Getty” played by Paul Reiser (Mad About You). A coming-of-age comedy set in the “go-go” 80s that is equal parts hijinks and heartfelt, Red Oaks is about enjoying a last hurrah before summer comes to an end—and the future begins. Red Oaks also stars Jennifer Grey (It’s Like, You Know) as “Judy Myers,” Richard Kind (Luck) as “Sam Myers,” Oliver Cooper (Californication) as “Wheeler,” Gage Golightly as “Karen,” and Ennis Esmer as “Nash.” Red Oaks is written by Gregory Jacobs (The Knick) and Joe Gangemi (Eliza Graves). Soderbergh, Green, Jacobs, and Gangemi are Executive Producers.


A new teaser from PlayStation leaves everything to the imagination. The micro clip offers few clues: a snowflake, cracking sheet of ice, and blood. Not much to go on.

Gamescom kicks off in Cologne, Germany on August 13.

In the battle of Captain America versus Superman, the Man of Steel blinked first.

Earlier this year, Disney and Marvel Studios announced a May 6, 2016 release date for Captain America 3, pitting it against Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Both sides insisted they would stick to the premier dates, despite the obvious competition for box office dollars. Today, Warner Bros. moved its opening date to March 25, 2016, getting an early start on the blockbuster season. Also slated for a March release that year: The Divergent Series: Allegiant and WarCraft.

Warner Bros. has also set dates for nine unanounced titles and two event films, stretching into 2020 and beyond that of the current Marvel slate. Looks like the WB has learned its lesson and doesn’t want to play catch-up anymore. Remember, this is the studio that ruled the screens for eights years of Harry Potter releases. The full list is below:

  • Untitled DC Film – August 5, 2016
  • Untitled DC Film – June 23, 2017
  • Untitled DC Film – November 17, 2017
  • Untitled DC Film – March 23, 2018
  • Untitled DC Film – July 27, 2018
  • Untitled WB Event Film – November 16, 2018
  • Untitled DC Film – April 5, 2019
  • Untitled DC Film – June 14, 2019
  • Untitled DC Film – April 3, 2020
  • Untitled DC Film – June 19, 2020
  • Untitled WB Event Film – November 20, 2020


New set photos show Bruce Wayne is looking a bit haggard. Twitter user Samuel Otten captured Ben Affleck on set of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in what looks to be the aftermath of destruction in Metropolis. This comes following aerial footage filmed by Chopper 7 of a local Detroit ABC news station.

Superman v Batman set

Superman v Batman

Superman v Batman

Superman v Batman

BioWare has released a second teaser in the “You’ve Been Chosen” campaign. Titled “Spark,” the latest tease reiterates the symbols of bicycles, a ring of fire, and a hooded figure. 

In this short episode, the scene opens outside a restaurant on a stormy night. A bicycle, like the ones littering the alley in “Nightmare,” leans against the brick storefront. A missing persons notice for a woman named Henna is plastered on the pole on the edge of the frame. Inside, a young man is alone, hurriedly sketching on a napkin. A vision of a ring of blue fire flashes in his mind. His phone rings, and twice he declines the call as he scribbles. On the third call, a bolt of electricity shoots down from the ceiling, sending sparks and flying as the scene erupts into chaos. The young man stumbles away, terrified. Outside, we see a hooded figure watching through the windows as the young man retreats from an apparent hallucination.

BioWare is expected to make a formal announcement at GamesCon in Cologne, Germany on August 13. Until then, expect to see weekly teasers released.

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Do you even a cappella, bro?

Yes. Yes he does.

First off, dude has a working Nintendo NES. Respect. I have no recollection of the ultimate disappearance of my system, but Ecco the Dolphin so enraged my child mind that I dismantled my Sega Genesis to create circuit board art. So many pretty wires and shiny pieces.

But I digress.

Triforce Films posted this 16-minute lesson in game music history spanning three decades, from Pac-Man to Uncharted, with a little Portal thrown in with the credits. 

Mr. Dooves is the musical mastermind seen in the video, responsible for the arrangement and vocal talent. If a cappella game themes are your jam, he has a ReverbNation page with some beautiful renditions from Skyrim.

Game Index and TimeCodes:
1. Pac Man 1980 - 00:43
2. Super Mario Bros 1985 - 00:58
3. Legend of Zelda 1986 - 01:38
4. Dragon Warrior 1986 - 02:26
5. Tetris 1989 - 03:10
6. Ninja Turtles 1989 - 03:36
7. Sonic the Hedgehog 1991 - 04:14
8. Doom 1993 - 04:55
9. Super Metroid 1994 - 05:38
10. Super Mario 64 1996 - 06:07
11. Duke Nukem 3d 1996 - 06:46
12. Pokemon 1996 - 07:13
13. Resident Evil 1996 - 07:57
14. Final Fantasy 7 1997 - 08:30
15. Zelda Ocarina 1998 - 09:43
16. Metal Gear Solid 1998 - 10:25
17. Halo 2001 - 10:59
18. Katamari Damacy 2004 - 12:01
19. Oblivion 2006 - 12:34
20. Uncharted 2007 - 13:21
21. Credits/Portal Song - 14:07

Credit: DisneyCredit: DisneyThe first teaser for Disney’s Into the Woods has arrived.

Into the Woods, based on Stephen Sondheim’s beloved Broadway musical, stars Meryl Streep, Johnny Depp, Anna Kendrick, Emily Blunt, and Chris Pine. The film is directed by Rob Marshall, an Oscar nominee for the film adaptation of Chicago. He previously worked with Depp as the director of Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides and directed the Academy Award-winning Memoirs of a Geisha

As Disney puts it, “Into the Woods is a modern twist on the beloved Brothers Grimm fairy tales, intertwining the plots of a few choice stories and exploring the consequences of the characters’ wishes and quests. This humorous and heartfelt musical follows the classic tales of Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Jack and the Beanstalk, and Rapunzel—all tied together by an original story involving a baker and his wife, their wish to begin a family and their interaction with the witch who has put a curse on them.”

A minor controversy erupted among Broadway purists in June when composer Steven Sondheim revealed that some Disney-mandated changes were made to the book. Most notably, Rapunzel lives.

You will find in the movie that Rapunzel does not get killed, and the prince does not sleep with the baker’s wife,” Sondheim said, according to The New Yorker. “You know, if I were a Disney executive I probably would say the same thing.” 

Given that Disney’s 2010 film Tangled stars the princess of unusual hair length, it would be an awkward encounter for costumed Disney World park characters and their tiny confused fans. 

There was also the issue of the sexual subtext between the Wolf, played by Johnny Depp, and Red Riding Hood, portrayed by a very underage Lilla Crawford. To that question, Sondheim responded, Disney had similar objections.

During the same discussion, the composer erroneously informed his audience that the song “Any Moment,” performed between Cinderella’s Prince (Pine) and the Baker’s Wife (Blunt), was cut from the film. He corrected that statement in an interview with, assuring fans gathering their pitchforks that, in fact, the song was in still in.

Into the Woods will premier in theaters on Christmas Day.

Disney’s Into the Woods Trailer on Disney Video

Credit: Warner Bros.Credit: Warner Bros.Peter Jackson’s Middle-earth saga comes to a close this year with the release of The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies. Today, Warner Bros. shared the first teaser trailer, which will run in theaters ahead of Guardians of the Glalaxy this weekend. The final chapter in the Hobbit trilogy comes to theaters in December.

From Warner Bros.: 

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies brings to an epic conclusion the adventures of Bilbo Baggins, Thorin Oakenshield and the Company of Dwarves. Having reclaimed their homeland from the Dragon Smaug, the Company has unwittingly unleashed a deadly force into the world. Enraged, Smaug rains his fiery wrath down upon the defenseless men, women and children of Lake-town. 

Obsessed above all else with his reclaimed treasure, Thorin sacrifices friendship and honor to hoard it as Bilbo’s frantic attempts to make him see reason drive the Hobbit towards a desperate and dangerous choice. But there are even greater dangers ahead. Unseen by any but the Wizard Gandalf, the great enemy Sauron has sent forth legions of Orcs in a stealth attack upon the Lonely Mountain. 

As darkness converges on their escalating conflict, the races of Dwarves, Elves and Men must decide – unite or be destroyed. Bilbo finds himself fighting for his life and the lives of his friends in the epic Battle of the Five Armies, as the future of Middle-earth hangs in the balance.

Even before Ryan Reynolds appeared as Wade Wilson in X-Mex Origins: Wolverine, Marvel fans have been outspoken about their desire for a Deadpool feature film. For a while, it seemed that dream might become a reality. Comic book creator Rob Liefeld mentioned last year that Tim Miller, a creative supervisor at VFX house Blur Studio, was working with Reynolds on some test footage. The film thus far is dead in the water, but the brief sequence that popped up today offers a glimpse of what might have been, and perhaps what still could be.

UPDATE: This video has been removed from Vimeo. However, we found a video of Rob Liefeld at Las Vegas Comic Con in 2013 describing the Deadpool clip. With a few small differences, his narration exactly articulates the video leaked online as test footage.

UPDATE: Good news, everyone! Earlier this week, a rough cut of test footage for a Deadpool movie was leaked online and promptly removed. Today, an HD version of the footage popped up online. Enjoy.

DEADPOOL - Official Test Footage [HD] Ryan… by movietrailerz