Creative Assembly Releases New 'Alien: Isolation' Dev Diary

Developers discuss scoring Alien: Isolation and creating an adaptive sound engine. 

The shadow of Aliens: Colonial Marines still hangs in the minds of players, but Creative Assembly is undaunted by the disenchanted masses. Alien: Isolation is shaping up to be the franchise game fans have begged for: a tense, terrifying survival horror experience that is true to the source material.

In a new video released today, developers from Creative Assembly discuss the process of creating the game’s score and sound effects. For starters, the audio department got their hands on the original tracks from the 1979 film and assembled a London orchestra with many of the same musicians who recorded with Alien composer Jerry Goldsmith.

“In our game, sound is critical,” says creative lead Al Hope, “because when you’re hiding in the dark, what you hear might just be the key to your survival.”

The team also wanted the player to have the same heart-pounding reaction to the game as experienced to the perfectly timed score of the film. To that end, CA built a sound engine that adapts the auditory cues of the environment to the actions of the Alien and the player.

“If the player is hiding from the Alien, the sound engine will know that and it will adapt. It will make it more intense,” says audio designer Byron Bullock. “The idea is to drive an emotional reaction from the player.”

To see more behind-the-scenes videos from Alien: Isolation, head over the official site.

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