Deadpool Test Footage Leaked

Following a massive Marvel showing at San Diego Comic-Con, test footage with Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool has leaked online.

Even before Ryan Reynolds appeared as Wade Wilson in X-Mex Origins: Wolverine, Marvel fans have been outspoken about their desire for a Deadpool feature film. For a while, it seemed that dream might become a reality. Comic book creator Rob Liefeld mentioned last year that Tim Miller, a creative supervisor at VFX house Blur Studio, was working with Reynolds on some test footage. The film thus far is dead in the water, but the brief sequence that popped up today offers a glimpse of what might have been, and perhaps what still could be.

UPDATE: This video has been removed from Vimeo. However, we found a video of Rob Liefeld at Las Vegas Comic Con in 2013 describing the Deadpool clip. With a few small differences, his narration exactly articulates the video leaked online as test footage.

UPDATE: Good news, everyone! Earlier this week, a rough cut of test footage for a Deadpool movie was leaked online and promptly removed. Today, an HD version of the footage popped up online. Enjoy.

DEADPOOL - Official Test Footage [HD] Ryan… by movietrailerz

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