Dutch Film Incorporates Your Phone for Second Screen Experience

Director Bobby Boermans invites moviegoers to keep their phones handy during the film.

In the first feature film to include second screen content as part of the theatrical experience, App tells the story of Anna, a psychology student caring for her brother after he suffers a traumatic motorcycle accident, and the mysterious app that appears on her phone following a dorm party. IRIS is SIRI’s Bizzaro World counterpart, an evil and all-powerful consciousness with a hot temper. When the app begins meddling in Anna’s personal relationships—posting candid video online and sending disturbing photos to her friends—she tries to delete the creepy app. And like breaking up with a homicidal sociopath, IRIS doesn’t take too kindly to this.

As director Bobby Boermans told Indiewire, “The notion of technology taking control of our lives is a concept that has always fascinated me.”

The real-life IRIS app listens in during the movie and vibrates when additional content is available to view, timed to the action on screen. While use of the app isn’t necessary to follow the narrative, playing along is intended to enhance the story.

Here is the first trailer for the Dutch film, subtitled in English:

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