The Making of an inFAMOUS Soundtrack

Sony music director Chuck Doud guides gamers through the scoring process for the upcoming inFAMOUS Second Son

Teasing the soundtrack for inFAMOUS Second Son, Sony music director Chuck Doud offered a peek inside the recording process for what he calls “one of the most dynamic and exciting scores we’ve ever produced.”

The Sony Computer Entertainment America team collaborated with Sucker Punch Productions audio director Brad Meyer to craft the soundscape of Delsin’s story, drawing inspiration from the character’s personality and the game’s Seattle backdrop.

Sound design and scoring for the PlayStation team takes place in the new San Mateo headquarters, where the audio facility is outfitted with two control rooms, two live recording rooms, and 17 editing suites.

Have a listen to “The Vandal King,” a new song off the inFAMOUS Second Son soundtrack now available on iTunes and for pre-order on Amazon.

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