Sweet Gigs

  • David Semel TH
    A few white lies got director David Semel into the editing room, but years of consistently producing good work landed him gigs on shows like Heroes, Homeland, and House, as well as two Primetime Emmy nominations.   
  • Richard Hatem TH
    A writer and executive producer’s unlikely career trajectory takes him from fistfights on top of trains to werewolf dens and beyond.  
  • Heather Kelley TH
    A former designer on Thief: Deadly Shadows and Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory wants to incorporate new senses into gaming and bend the rules of social interactivity.
  • Oscar Dominguez TH
    As a young man, Oscar Dominguez was “relatively clever” and in the right place at the right time, leading him toward a career as an Emmy Award-winning lighting designer.   
  • James Moll TH
    With nearly every major award already won, producer-director James Moll heads for wide-open spaces.  
  • Chuck Sheetz TH
    Chuck Sheetz is an Emmy Award–winning director on The Simpsons, a show that has been an iconic part of our culture for almost a quarter-century.   
  • Lindsay Wolfington TH
    Shaping the sound of a television series and getting to help undiscovered artists gain valuable airtime are why Lindsay Wolfington loves her job. Acting as a liaison between artists, labels, and TV producers, Wolfington handpicks music clips that enhance turning-point...
  • Tom Quinn TH
    After 14 years of distributing films for Samuel Goldwyn and Magnolia Pictures, Tom Quinn’s newest venture is shaking up how and when films are released.
  • Kellee Santiago
    The co-founder of thatgamecompany made waves when her studio gained commercial success and critical acclaim developing games seeking to emotionally engage players. In her current roles with OUYA and Indie Fund, she’s making way for new developers to make their marks...
  • Dave Finkel TH
    Take it from New Girl executive producer Dave Finkel—creating razor-sharp comedy week after week is no joke.    
  • Parke Gregg TH
    Colorist Parke Gregg explains his contribution to the filmmaking process and how color and lighting can drastically change the story. 
  • Bonnie Blake TH
    After more than 30 years in film and television, camera operator Bonnie Blake shares her story of breaking into Hollywood and building the relationships that have shapped her career. 
  • Ann Shin TH
    For documentary director Ann Shin, getting the funding, organizing a crew, and writing her film was the easy part. Following escapees out of North Korea through China, Laos, South Korea, and Thailand while facing possible imprisonment along the way proved much harder....
  • Chris Roberts TH
    After spending over a decade in film, Wing Commander and Freelancer creator Chris Roberts gets his newest PC space simulation game off the ground with a crowd-funded boost.  
  • John Romero TH
    Game legend John Romero shifts his sights from shooters to social games.