Sweet Gigs

  • Matt Gilgenbach TH
    When mental illness took over his life, indie developer Matt Gilgenbach fought through by letting players do the same.
  • Lesli Linka Glatter
    All you need is a story to tell, says film and television director Lesli Linka Glatter. Find that inspiration and don’t wait for permission. 
  • Devin Casadey TH
    A player’s interaction with the game carries well beyond the storyline, and developers like Square Enix invest considerable time and resources into fostering that interaction within online communities. Devin Casadey was raised on Final Fantasy and has turned his...
  • Will Yip TH
    Record producer Will Yip is a rising star in the studio world, thanks in part to being the right person in the right place at the right time, positioned in the heart of the cutting-edge Philadelphia underground music scene. Blessed with golden ears, an acute attention to...
  • Christian Remde
    After years of creating films for corporate clients, editor and director Christian Remde’s career took an unexpectedly tasty turn when he started giving away his art for free.  
  • Machine TH
    Record producer Machine first cut his teeth in the early days of digital music, and as a result hasn’t had a moment’s rest since the 1990s. Known for his innovative fusions of heavy guitar riffs, electronic samples and beats, and splashes of hip-hop, the producer has...
  • Mike Simpson TH
    Listen up future cinematographers. It takes more than an eye for design and technical know-how to make it says cinematographer Mike Simpson. To evolve with the times, think about boning up on your post-production skills.  
  • Joe Ruffner TH
    While auditioning for a production of Six Degrees of Separation, Joe Ruffner realized he was too old to be cast as one of the kids in the play and too young to be considered for the role of their parents. Ruffner came up with a better idea; he’d stage manage it instead....
  • Javier von der Pahlen
    Javier von der Pahlen may be the first to take us where no one has gone before—beyond the “uncanny valley.” Many have entered the valley, but no one has ever made it to the other side, the place where photorealistic facial animation stops being, well, kind of creepy....
  • John Wirth TH
    With two seasons and an Emmy nod under its belt, AMC’s Hell on Wheels has a history of its own. As the series’ new showrunner, seasoned producer John Wirth wants to take the railroad-centered show slightly off track.
  • David J. Peterson TH
    Behind every Klingon, Na’vi, and Middle Earth dweller is someone who creates the written and spoken words for the language as well as the rules for idea construction. For David J. Peterson, a professional alien language and culture consultant to shows like Game of...
  • Alex Macmillam TH
    Lead game developer Alex Macmillan wants to keep you out of the clutches of the hungry undead and into mobile games that blend elements of the digital and physical worlds.  
  • Darry Frank TH
    As Breaking Bad comes to an end, the Emmy Award-nominated production sound mixer discusses why the show’s lack of audio gimmicks is one of its greatest weapons.  
  • Blaine Christine TH
    BioWare senior producer Blaine Christine wants to reassure gamers that, when it comes to Star Wars: The Old Republic, the Force is still with them.
  • Adam Chazen TH
    Adam Chazen, visual effects coordinator on HBO’s Game of Thrones, already has one Emmy under his belt, and his collegues in the post-production realm of Westeros are considered frontrunners to capture another statue this year. Chazen takes us inside the VFX process...