Sweet Gigs

  • Evan Peters TH
    A record label A&R rep conjures up images of music execs sitting on bar stools night after night, scouting for the industry’s “next best thing.” While checking out live shows in the hopes of discovering new bands is part of the job, there is a lot more to working in the...
  • David Freid TH
    A 60-second tour of Jerusalem helped land photograher and videographer David Freid a gig on MTV’s Catfish. The trick, he says, is finding a visually compelling way of translating the virtual relationships of the show’s subjects from the desktop screen to...
  • Mike Elizalde TH
    Computer-generated effects may hog the spotlight, but animatronics expert Mike Elizalde believes in building mechanical baddies one bolt at a time.  
  • Richard Garriott TH
    After re-entering earth’s orbit, the space entrepreneur/game creator best known by his Ultima alter ego, Lord British, resurfaces with a new MMO and advice for new developers to boldly go where no man has digitally gone before.  
  • Charlie Jennings TH
    Transforming an empty field into an art-comedy-music megafest capable of rocking the faces off of 80,000 people takes dedication, organization, and an uncanny ability to keep cool when catastrophe strikes.  
  • Ben Cousins TH
    According to mobile game developer Ben Cousins, consoles are headed the way of the woolly mammoth in the not-so-distant future. Make way for a more sophisticated mobile experience.  
  • Susan O'Connor TH
    In the “story-optional” world of gaming, digital wordsmith Susan O’Connor says that her job is just as much about understanding how players emotionally engage as it is executing the lead developer’s ultimate vision of the game.  
  • Jamie Fristrom TH
    Jamie Fristrom, founder of Happion Laboratories, is one of the developers responsible for the innovations that made Spider-Man 2 an award-winning game. He also passed on a chance to become a founding partner at Treyarch. 
  • Michael Kaminsky TH
    By the time Michael Kaminsky graduated college, he’d already run a succesful computer start-up and a college television station. He’s since parlayed that production know-how and business-mindedness into a career as an artist manager.
  • Michael Schaubach TH
    In a world of online one-upsmanship, CollegeHumor’s director of post-production competes against cat videos, epic fails, and fainting goats to keep comedy aficionados and online procrastinators up to their earbuds in laughs.  
  • Emily Hagins TH
    Emily Hagins may not be old enough to drink, but with four feature films, screenings at South By Southwest and the Chicago Critics Film Festival, a distribution deal, and connections with some of Robert Rodriguez’s technical crew, nobody’s dismissing her as a...
  • Tiffini Chow TH
    Company manager Tiffini Chow has spent more than fifteen years as the glue holding intricate and costly theatrical shows together. How is it that touring and resident productions as diverse as Miss Saigon and Irving Berlin’s White Christmas run like well-oiled machines...
  • Jason Graves TH
    Frustrated with the direction of his career, composer Jason Graves answered an ad for an Australian game developer seeking original music for an upcoming title. He got the gig, and has gone on to produce award-winning scores for the Dead Space series and the latest Tomb...
  • Joey Lemble TH
    If you think slinging T-shirts at a concert looks easy, think again. On any given tour date, merchandise maven Joey Lemble might have to face off with Canadian border patrols, pesky Excel spreadsheets, and fans who don’t even know their own shirt size, yet he’s ready for it...
  • Michelle Torres TH
    Michelle Torres’ work has graced your television set during your favorite critically aclaimed series and guilty pleasures, but you probably weren’t paying attention.