Sweet Gigs

  • Saschka Unseld TH
    Inspiration spawns from the most unlikely of places. Screenwriter and director of the upcoming Pixar animated short The Blue Umbrella walks us through the development process. Get In Media writer Christina Couch was at SXSW in March when the film made its North...
  • Laura Richarz
    What kind of dining set defines a 2,000-year-old vampire as a person? Laura Richarz, set decorator on television series such as True Blood and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, is the woman charged with answering such existential questions.   
  • Melinda Jackson TH
    While attending school at Campbell University, Melinda Jackson set her sites on moving to Los Angeles and working in the entertainment industry. The road to becoming an entertainment publicist was not an easy one—Jackson moved across the country, without knowing a soul,...
  • Nick Moon thumbnail
    When it comes to making albums, there’s just no substitute for analog mastering, despite all the nifty things a computer with Pro Tools can do. That’s great news for mastering engineer Nick Moon, who earns his keep by applying his many talents—and an arsenal of gear—to...
  • Jeffrey Hart TH
    From Optimus Prime to Batman, the crew of the Enterprise to the Wolf Pack, Jeffrey Hart has worked with some of the heaviest box office hitters in recent years. What has he learned? Sometimes it is OK to peek over Michael Bay’s shoulder. 
  • Heath Hollingshead TH
    Ever since Walt Disney first brought Mickey Mouse to life, the magical dream world of animated film has been one of childhood’s most vivid joys. For Heath Hollingshead, animation is still as exciting as when he was a kid—though now it’s all in a day’s work.  
  • Kip Pastor TH
    Kip Pastor worked on Capitol Hill as he studied policy and diplomacy, but he found out he could make a bigger difference in Hollywood.  
  • Emily White TH
    Entrepreneur and talent manager Emily White has a college degree in music business and an education from the school of practical knowledge. With eight internships under her belt and the experience of life on tour, the co-founder of Whitesmith Entertainment is a seasoned...
  • Joe Lambert Thumb
    Mastering engineer Joe Lambert is responsible for perfecting the art that musicians keep so close to their chest. Over the last decade, Lambert has done just that, and in the process, he’s gained the trust of artists ranging from Bright Eyes to The Black Crowes.
  • Jeronimo Carbi
    According to Jeronimo Carbi, the only thing more in sync than Cirque du Soleil’s performers are the people who make the show happen backstage.  
  • Chris Holmes
    The difference between a producer and an engineer, as Christopher Holmes explains, is the former creates the blueprint for a musical vision and the latter executes it. As a man who proudly wears both hats, Holmes’ unique ear for music is directly responsible for some of the...
  • Hunter M. Via Thumbnail
    Hunter M. Via is a storyteller. As a Hollywood editor with a résumé that includes The Walking Dead, The Shield and L.A. Noir, Via has spent more than a decade finding the story that’s trying to be told and delivering it in the most authentic way possible.
  • Anthony Tominia
    His résumé as motion capture lead at 2K includes work on the company’s immensely popular sports titles, the terrifying first-person shooter series BioShock, and even the cerebral nation-building of Civilization 5.  
  • Tom Boyd
    Whether it’s following wild dolphins through the Amazon or who’s willing to gross-out the most on Fear Factor, underwater camera operator Tom Boyd is making a splash.  
  • Nick Niebling Thumb
    The most challenging part of the job, says Volition senior animator Nick Niebling, is setting his virtual puppets free. A perfectionist and true animation enthusiast, it is that sort of dedication to the craft that has helped Niebling build a thriving career in video ...