Sweet Gigs

  • Paul Jones
    When Syfy and Trion Worlds set out on a unique collaboration to introduce the world of Defiance to television and gaming audiences, they tapped the special effects makeup and prosthetics designer Paul Jones, whose background in gruesome creatures and stunning...
  • Steve Wolf Thumbnail
    Everyone loves a good explosion, but only those with a mind for science and the work ethic of an ox can make a booming career says pyro expert Steve Wolf.
  • John Beasley Thumbnail
    The product of a long musical lineage, John Beasley’s aptitude was never in question. However, it would take years of networking and mentorship to launch his international career and bring him to Abbey Road, laying down tracks for James Bond in Skyfall.  
  • Al Goto
    Even as a teenager, Al Goto knew he wanted to be the man on screen taking the hard knocks. Ditching his engineering major, Goto turned his attention to film studies and athletic training in pursuit of his goal. 
  • Wayne White Thumbnail
    His mission, in his own words, has been to bring humor into fine art. For years he covertly imprinted the minds of children and injected fantasy into the rock scene. Wayne White’s body of work is eclectic to the point of defining and iconic in its absurdity....
  • Neville Page Thumbnail
    After designing iconic monsters for James Cameron, JJ Abrams, and Steven Spielberg, creature designer Neville Page applies his considerable expertise as a judge on the Syfy Channel reality series Face Off.
  • Noah Hawley
    The danger of breaking into the industry by joining a writing team, Bones writer Noah Hawley cautions, is that executives stop seeing you as a creator. Instead, Hawley built a career writing novels, then the Hollywood execs came to him.
  • Creative Director: Josh Mintz
    According to busterINK Creative Director Josh Mintz, designing key art for film and TV is about marketing with a purpose: ensuring people tune in or show up during major premieres.
  • Peter Simonite
    Cinematographer Peter Simonite is a master at executing other people’s visions, which is why the 60 productions to his credit vary in style, from music videos for Spoon to animated features like A Scanner Darkly and charged live action like The Tree of Life.
  • Laurie Kilmartin
    The subjectivity of humor keeps Laurie Kilmartin’s world constantly spinning. Between writing comedy books, performing stand up, and penning jokes for Conan, she must balance three very different forms of writing, but it’s worth it to be paid daily in belly...
  • Stephanie Tull
    After eyeballing different roles on set as an intern, Stephanie Tull talked to enough crew members to realize that the Directors’ Guild of America training program was the best path to becoming an assistant director.
  • Andy Dudynsky
    For professional video game coach Andy Dudynsky, mastering the science of Halo is only part of the battle. Fighting the good fight means keeping the team marketable.
  • Sebastian Cowan
    Turning down a job with Sony isn’t the only way that Sebastian Cowan raised eyebrows in the music scene. His label Arbutus Records functions as a collaboration between a variety of artists working toward one common goal: creating goodness.
  • One Tree Hill Creator Mark Schwahn
    Lengthy interning, countless volunteer hours, and a bit of luck landed One Tree Hill creator Mark Schwahn his big break. He devoted the show’s 187 episodes to giving new musicians theirs.
  • Sound Engineer: David Eisenhauer
    Front-of-house engineer David Eisenhauer is a veteran of live sound, a proponent of analog gear, and a world traveler. His noted talent for mixing sold-out stadium shows regularly takes him on the road with stars like Jon Bon Jovi, Kelly Clarkson, and Paul Simon.