Sweet Gigs

  • DJ Swivel
    DJ Swivel started out working turntables but gravitated toward mixing and producing after an influential internship with Ken “Duro” Ifill, which led him to work with today’s biggest pop stars, including serving as Beyoncé’s personal engineer.
  • Film Producer: Mark Wolfe
    Reading Rainbow went off the air in 2009, but now it’s back as an iPad app, thanks to a partnership formed between film producer and production manager Mark Wolfe and former Rainbow host LeVar Burton, continuing its original mission in a more interactive medium.
  • Roger Barr thumbnail
    Flash developer Roger Barr blends nostalgia with parody to keep humor instilled in games on I-Mockery.com  
  • Grunt Work: Dave Brockie
    Nearly 30 years after GWAR’s inception, Dave Brockie is still executing presidents, slaying aliens, and putting on the freakiest show in metal. Learn how the scumdogs of the universe were born and see why this show is getting stronger and better with time.
  • Mix and Match: Craig Duman
    The best sound design in video games goes unnoticed, as the player escapes into a new world. It’s Craig Duman’s job to sonically encourage that absorption. With 75 titles to his credit, Duman is an expert at mixing sounds and matching them to the right game.
  • As second assistant director, M. Ryan Traylor compares his job to a logic puzzle. Juggling the needs of cast and crew, he shifts the pieces around on set until they fall into place, leading crews through the necessary steps to keep the production moving forward on time.
  • Moving from Cyprus to produce music in America, Nicolas Farmakalidis knows a thing or two about taking risks to pursue his passion. Find out how his decision to leave home led him to run a successful home studio producing international pop music.
  • Having been with Fox Broadcasting before it was even called Fox, Minna Taylor has seen the company through decades’ worth of legal crises, including the latest issues arising from a shift in how viewers access, view, and discover hit shows.
  • Six Shooter Records’ co-owner Helen Britton promoted two of South By Southwest 2012’s biggest buzz bands. She discusses her overall conference strategies and how she adjusts to position bands from different genres with different audiences.
  • A background in journalism taught Seinfeld writer Peter Mehlman how to shift his voice, and this training helped him easily transition into sitcom writing, evoking some of the most-repeated phrases from the show’s cantankerous characters.
  • Comedy tastemaker Steve Heisler got his job by publicly complaining about a major comedy festival lineup. Now he’s in charge of booking Just For Laughs, fine-tuning his ear to discern between a good joke and a great comedian.
  • Digital imaging technician Matthew Love on how his role lightens the load on sets for commercials, music videos, and movies, by decreasing the wait time between shooting and editing together footage.
  • ADR voice-casting director Terri Douglas has an ear that allows her to perfectly match voices, casting actors that serve as a time-saving component to movie-making. Most recently, she cast the perfect “walla” group to wocka wocka wocka in The Muppets.
  • Plucked from his day-job at Rainbow Records, Scott Booker knew nothing about managing a breakout rock band, especially one as quirky as The Flaming Lips. More than 20 years later, though, the would-be school teacher is an authority on sustaining a music career.
  • His first gig had him testing weapons for Dungeons and Dragons Online, but since then Blue Fang Games’ lead analyst has become an authority on automation and metrics.