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Every bit of website content, poster language, and billboard signage begins as a blank space on a copywriter’s screen. These wordsmiths write the ads and marketing assets that compel audiences to see a movie, buy a game, or pick up an artist’s latest album.


In this job, you are responsible for creating copy for advertising, marketing, and PR materials on behalf of entertainment companies like film studios, record labels, and game developers. Copywriters take direction on the goals of the campaign and work within the given creative and design parameters to deliver content that is persuasive, interesting, and reflective of the qualities of the product and intended audience. She or he may be asked to write a tag line and script synopsis for a film website and press packet, artist bios, magazine ads, or packaging copy, though these are just a few of the copywriter’s functions. Commonly, the copywriter is a go-to person for multiple forms of text assets and may be asked to assist several departments. Additional responsibilities include attending meetings to learn about upcoming initiatives, pitching ideas, and conducting research in conjunction with assigned copy.

Skills & Education

This career requires a college degree in communications, creative writing, or a related field. Courses in advertising, marketing, and entertainment business are also beneficial. You must be a talented and creative writer, but you should have excellent command of grammar as well. Knowledge of AP Style and the Chicago Manual of Style (and the ability to conform to in-house style guides) is necessary; experience with web publishing tools and platforms like Drupal and WordPress is helpful. It is important to understand that in copywriting for advertising and marketing materials, you are creating copy based on another’s needs, not your own vision. Copywriters must be flexible and capable of adapting their style to fit the project.

What to Expect

There are entry-level opportunities for a copywriter with the necessary education or related experience. Positions exist within film studios, record labels, game developers, advertising agencies, and most entertainment-related companies. In some cases, this job can be performed freelance or by telecommuting, but most often, the writer is required to keep regular business hours in an office. You will be working under strict deadlines and required to deliver copy on schedule that is proofed and clean of errors. There is no time for writer’s block and no one will be concerned with stroking your sensitive ego; you are expected to consistently turn in quality work that meets the advertising and marketing needs of the product, and adheres to the standards set forth by department managers.


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