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Synch License Administrator

A synch (synchronization) license for a musical composition is an agreement that gives the licensee permission to reproduce a song “in connection with” or “in timed relation to” visual images. When a previously recorded song is played in a movie, television show, commercial, or other visual medium, a license must be obtained from the copyright owner.

Studio Setup Worker

For the aspiring recording engineer, this is where the journey begins. Setting up a recording studio isn’t an especially difficult gig, but it does require someone who is thorough and cares about doing the job right the first time.

Sound Assistant

The sound assistant works under the supervision of the production sound mixer and boom operator to support the function of the sound department and maintain audio recording equipment. This technician is at the bottom of the ladder, but gains hands-on experience toward future career advancement.

Costume Dresser

A production with a small cast of a dozen or fewer is no great undertaking for the costume department, but when performers number several dozen or in the hundreds, a small army of costume dressers is employed to get bodies into garments and back onstage with impressive speed.

Marketing Assistant

You’ve got to start somewhere. For a career in entertainment industry marketing, the first step is as a marketing assistant. These positions exist across every facet of the business, from film and television studios to record labels, game studios, and live event producers.


Every bit of website content, poster language, and billboard signage begins as a blank space on a copywriter’s screen. These wordsmiths write the ads and marketing assets that compel audiences to see a movie, buy a game, or pick up an artist’s latest album.

Merchandise Manager

Most commonly thought of as the “merch girl” and usually assumed to be a band member’s girlfriend, the merchandise manager is an integral (though commonly underappreciated) component of an artist’s business plan—male or female.

College Marketing Representative

Instead of waiting until you’ve walked the stage at graduation to start your career in the music business, why not get a head start on the competition? Resourceful and motivated college students are needed by record labels and publicity firms to be eyes and ears on the street—the inside person on campus.

Public Relations Assistant

Publicists are the spin doctors that keep Hollywood in the headlines. Whether representing a new film, an A-list actor, or a start-up game studio, these opinion-makers are charged with stirring up attention and turning any press into good press.

A&R Administrator

If you’re an Excel whiz by day but crawl the clubs looking for the next new thing after business hours, this gig may be the perfect marriage of “real job” and music love. Pantsuits and ties are optional; passion for number-crunching is required.