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Video Supervisor

During preproduction of a live show, the video supervisor is the right hand of the projection designer and will eventually be tasked with maintaining the design once the show opens. This person is a veteran video technician who exhibits excellent leadership skills in conjunction with technical proficiency.

Cinematics Director

Similar to the work of a director for animated films or television, the cinematics director is ultimately responsible for the completion of animated sequences, or cut scenes, which are integrated into the regular gameplay to enhance the story and character progression.

Development Executive

A development executive must be able to search through a maze of scripts, project ideas, and stories, finding those precious few that may become the next Oscar-winning movie or Sundance Festival jewel.

Cinematics Designer

Cinematics, or cutscenes, are the segments of animated storytelling that are intertwined throughout a video game to further the characterization and plot (as in Halo, Final Fantasy, and StarCraft). These elements have become integral to the way studios develop games, and the production of cinematic scenes requires a designer with the necessary combination of both technical and artistic skills.

Executive Producer (TV)

In many ways, television production departs greatly from the formula for filmmaking, as do the job functions associated with certain titles. On a television series, the executive producer may be creator and chief writer of the product. This person is the ultimate creative force and business authority behind the property, rather than just the chief financial backer or the studio’s enforcer on a film set.


Showrunner is more a title and a set of responsibilities given to one of the executive producers, less a completely different job. This person may be credited as the executive producer, creator, or writer-producer; in any case, his or her duty is to maintain the integrity of the overall canon of the series and keep the writing staff on task and on message.

Sound Designer

The sound designer’s work should go unnoticed by the audience, and yet still subtly affect them. Unlike the composer or performer, whose efforts are meant to be heard, this person aims to create an aural environment that insinuates emotion, rather than insisting.

Master Electrician

There is no plot too complicated or electrical emergency too daunting for this guru of the ampere—if there’s solder and gaff tape, there’s a way to get it done. The master electrician implements the lighting design of a production and makes sure the whole rig doesn’t go up in a spectacular display of sparking shorts and electrical fires. They also spend entirely too much time and money concocting elaborate holiday home lighting displays.

Audio Lead

Every piece of audio embedded in a game passes through the hands of the audio lead. This person is responsible for compiling and designing sound effects, background score, and other audio assets that create a rich, fully immersive experience for the player.

Lead Game Tester

Game testing is an exact science, a process engineered to analyze a game objectively and pick out the harmful glitches that ruin the entertainment experience. To accomplish this mission requires a staff of meticulous and obsessive sleuths armed with keen eyes and an affinity for problem-solving.