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The ways that consumers choose to interact with media are changing and evolving at a more accelerated pace than ever before. To stay relevant and better engage with consumers, entertainment media companies employ artists and web developers who have the talent and expertise to produce new, innovative web products.


The interactive art director takes the lead role in the research, development, and launch of new web-based products and services meant to serve the marketing and promotional goals of the company. This person will supervise a staff of graphic designers, who specialize in online content creation and closely collaborate with web developers to prototype then deploy a wide range of interactive properties. Among the assets under the purview of the interactive art director are websites, mobile applications, and widgets that are developed for social networking sites. In coordination with product managers and the marketing department, this person identifies a strategy by which an online product can benefit a particular brand, such as a film, video game, or album. The art director will outline the goals of the project and then create design documentation and prototype procedures that he or she delivers to the development staff. Several iterations are necessary before a final concept is ready for production.

Responsible for establishing the overall look of the project, the interactive art director will assign art content creation tasks to the graphic design staff and communicate with web developers to ensure compatibility of design and platform. This person must publish staff schedules and account for development hours. Depending on the specific needs of the product, asset creation may include the use of programs like Photoshop and Illustrator or dictate the production of video and audio. It will be the responsibility of the art director to contract with vendors for the production of assets outside of the department’s capabilities or in such cases that additional staff is necessary. He or she will see that the finished property is deliverable on time and present the result for senior company managers. After receiving approval, the interactive art director will supervise the launch of the property.

Skills & Education

An individual holding this position should demonstrate considerable talent for traditional art, as well as a command of graphic design software. Necessary proficiency includes Adobe products and Flash programs, and knowledge of software such as Maya, 3ds Max or Zbrush is also beneficial. Therefore, a college degree in graphic art and design or fine art is recommended for work as an interactive art director. As familiarity with video production and sound design is also preferred for this role, courses in digital video production and audio engineering are encouraged. It is also helpful to study basic computer programming and the use of HTML and CSS.

What to Expect

The interactive art director is a senior-level creative leader who is capable of effectively leading a development team and clearly outlining goals for all members of the department. He or she is not only responsible for the quality production of art assets and engaging interactive platform, but also for ensuring timely delivery of work and management of numerous projects simultaneously. This person can seek employment by an entertainment company such as a major motion picture studio or record label or work for a third-party development company that caters to the entertainment industry. Those interested in pursuing a career as an interactive art director may gain applicable experience as an advertising art director or art director specializing in video game development. Employment as a graphic designer, web developer, or similar role can lead to advancement to this position. 


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