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  • Marketing Director

The marketing strategy around an entertainment brand, whether that is a product or entire company, is ultimately the responsibility of the Marketing Director. This person creatively designs marketing campaigns that reach out to the target audience to persuade customers to make a purchase.


In collaboration with product managers and senior executives, the marketing director takes the lead on outlining the marketing strategy of an entertainment brand or company. He or she deals mainly in the big picture of the total campaign while overseeing one or more marketing managers and the subordinate marketing representatives that execute the strategy. The marketing director will communicate with his or her department to elaborate on the campaign concept and then assign responsibilities to managers. The director will also cooperate with the advertising and PR teams to ensure a cohesive campaign across all platforms, including online, radio, television, etc.

On a regular basis, the marketing director will request campaign reports from senior managers that detail the progress of the individual strategies. The director works with managers to identify, through statistical analysis, which particular campaigns are producing positive results and which may require alteration. It is the marketing director’s responsibility to advise his or her team, providing advice and guidance to make their initiatives profitable. The director then presents the information gathered from these reports to the senior executives within the company, tracking the overall value of the marketing campaigns.

Skills & Education

This career requires at least a bachelor’s degree in marketing, advertising, communications, or a related field. A master’s degree is preferred. Those who plan to focus their careers in an area of the entertainment industry will benefit from a degree in entertainment business. The marketing director should be knowledgeable about internet marketing platforms, as well as traditional media like radio, television, and print. He or she must be an effective communicator that is capable of conceiving of innovative strategies and explaining those initiatives to subordinates. He or she must be capable of drawing quantitative conclusions from statistical data, building spreadsheets, and producing correlating reports.

What to Expect

To thrive as a marketing director, one must have a finger on the pulse of the populous. This person must understand demographics and how to reach a target market through proven marketing channels. This requires constant study of new marketing trends and platforms, as the industry is in a constant state of flux. Further, the marketing director must be an expert in his or her segment of the entertainment industry. Holding a senior level position within the executive branch of a company, the marketing director must have several years of experience in marketing, advertising, and public relations. Employment as a marketing representative can lead to advancement to the managerial level, but not all managers will become directors. Marketing is a competitive, stressful field that is flooded with young, ambitious professionals. However, for those who are self-starters and tenacious, a career in marketing can be highly lucrative and rewarding.


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