Media Library Assistant

  • Media Library Assistant

Similar to the work of a tape logger for a television production company or film studio, the media library assistant works within a music publishing company, record label, or similar organization to maintain and track the enormous digital and hardcopy inventory of music compositions.


The media library assistant is the keeper of the physical storage library of CDs, tapes, and records, as well as managing the digital music database. This person is chiefly responsible for inputting new library selections into the database tracking system, ensuring that the library catalogue is accurate and complete. Other recurring tasks include converting analogue audio to digital format, creating compilations and playlists for internal use, burning samples, and uploading music from the internal server to the company’s web properties. In addition, the media library assistant will maintain and troubleshoot audio equipment used within the facility and assist staff with similar technical issues. On occasion, the assistant may be asked to perform certain administrative functions, such as working a reception desk or preparing correspondence for senior managers.

Skills & Education

A specific college major is not required, though most employers prefer a bachelor’s degree. Education in music business or recording arts is applicable to this position. The media library assistant must be familiar with audio equipment used for converting analogue formats and be capable of troubleshooting electrical systems to the component level. Familiarity with music editing software like Pro Tools and Logic is beneficial, as is experience with applications such as iTunes, Toast, Roxio, and Cool Edit. In this role, the assistant must be highly organized and a meticulous record keeper.

What to Expect

This is an entry-level position that can lead to internal advancement within the company. In addition to technical proficiency, employers look for candidates that are knowledgeable and passionate about the music industry. Hiring managers want to see a candidate that is eager to learn and willing to work his or her way up from the bottom through hands-on experience. In this role, you will have the opportunity to work closely with mid-level and senior managers throughout the company; these are excellent moments to make a great impression by being efficient, courteous, and resourceful. A good attitude and great work ethic can mean the difference between languishing on the bottom rung and ascending the corporate ladder.


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