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For the new media manager, multitasking is a way of life. Entertainment companies are eager to find the most innovative and profitable ways to turn a buck from the new media model. To do this, the industry relies on creative internet marketing gurus with the ability to create social networks around their brands.


New media managers are responsible for the development and implementation of all digital marketing initiatives: mobile advertising, social networking, and all other online campaigns. These marketing experts start by writing a detailed plan that illustrates the deployment of internet and mobile assets in support of an artist or product, then collaborates with press, sales, and internal advertising departments to identify promotional partnership opportunities. The manager supervises the placement of releases and works with producers to create content, including interactive fan media like a Facebook page or web forum. He or she will oversee the coordinators tasked with maintaining branded websites and generate regular reports concerning the campaign’s effectiveness. A primary goal of the new media manager is to find innovative methods by which the artist or product can be marketed via emerging technology, and coordinate timely cross-promotional activities.

Skills & Education

This position requires extensive experience, as well as a college degree in marketing, entertainment business, mass communications, or a related field. A new media manager must be knowledgeable about current and emerging web and mobile technology, and have solid skills in web development and digital content creation tools. Courses in advertising, creative writing, and graphic design are also helpful. Your ability to write and proofread copy and produce art assets will make you a more valuable commodity. Constant research must be dedicated to current marketing strategies and innovative media campaigns using the newest applications and devices. Strong written and verbal communication skills are vital, as is the ability to quickly identify and shift priorities to keep your campaigns on the cutting edge.

What to Expect

At a large film studio or record label, this job is a massive undertaking, as you will be responsible for planning and supervising numerous marketing campaigns across several platforms simultaneously. Experience with new media marketing and promotions at a small entertainment company is good practice, but if you insist on aiming high out of the gate, then you should plan to work your way up from the assistant level. A solid educational foundation is necessary, but just as important is hands-on knowledge gained within the entertainment business while working on active campaigns. Take the time to do your homework, because a failed campaign will reflect negatively on you and hurt your future job prospects. There is little room for error in entertainment marketing, where the budgets are massive and consequences career-ending. At least five years of previous work in this field is required for managers, but opportunities are available for those making a lateral move from other industries. This person typically answers to a senior vice president and supervises several subordinates.


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