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Artists and scripters are adept at developing world-class MMOs and first-person shooters, but left to operate an office, inevitably rival factions would be warring over the supply closet and rationing what little scraps of carbs and caffeine remain in the kitchen. Even in free spirited, creative environments like a game studio, there must be one who keeps the wheels turning and ensures that the team functions like a well-oiled machine.


The production coordinator reports to the producer or other senior development staff, and is responsible for numerous financial, logistical, and clerical tasks within the office. He or she will assist in monitoring department budgets and tracking internal purchases of assets such as software and equipment. This person handles contract administration for internal personnel and external vendors and is the primary liaison for external communication. Within the office, the production coordinator is responsible for space planning to accommodate new hires and will oversee personnel transfers. Maintenance of all office common areas and equipment falls under the responsibilities of this position. The individual in this role ensures that there is never a shortage of dry-erase markers or neon green sticky notes, but most importantly, he or she sees to it that the kitchen is always clean and well supplied with Doritos, Red Bull, and Lucky Charms. As a member of the senior administrative support staff, the production coordinator typically performs certain clerical duties such as scheduling meetings and conferences, as well as booking travel arrangements for studio employees.

Skills & Education

A college degree in business administration, human resources, or similar field is recommended, though any major is applicable to this career, provided that the individual has the ability to adapt quickly. The production coordinator does not require experience in game development but should be knowledgeable about the company and be interested in learning the finer points of the production process. This person should be capable of multitasking and problem solving. As with all administrative office positions, the production coordinator role demands excellent computer skills and familiarity with typical applications such as Word, Excel, and similar software. Other proficiencies necessary in this role include tracking budgets and inventory through manual and automated means. The production coordinator must display excellent communication and customer service skills in dealing with internal and external contacts.

What to Expect

In consideration of an applicant for a production coordinator position, employers prefer individuals with previous office administration or clerical experience, who have worked under the direct supervision of senior staff within a fast-paced environment. Prior experience at a game development studio is especially valuable. To prepare for a career within the administrative track at a game studio, you may pursue internships that offer mentoring in office management or personnel, including human resources. Each company will vary, but this is typically a mid-level position with full-time salary and benefits. Work as a receptionist or project coordinator can lead to employment within this position and can offer promotion opportunities as an executive assistant or project manager.


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