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Social networking sites are the new frontier of marketing, as most major consumer brands have implemented a social-networking presence online. The same is true for video games. At first, fans went online to bash or praise a new release, discuss game-play tactics, and look for cheats. Now the game developers and publishers are actively seeking your participation and conversation to grow their titles through your Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, and Tumblr accounts. But the Internet is vast. With new blogs and networking sites popping up constantly, companies require a web guru to keep tabs on it all: the social media manager.


This job does require more than just religiously posting to your blog and tweeting 17 times an hour. Your primary function is to seek out and participate in online communities, injecting your brand’s content into conversations and generating sales.

The social media manager is a market analyst, trendspotter, web maven, and consumer advocate. He or she develops a strategy to reach and grow the online community to gain brand exposure, anticipates shifts in social media and consumer behavior, updates and manages all web content, and brings the feedback and concerns of the fans back to decision-makers inside the company. The social media manager works closely with the larger marketing, advertising, and PR departments to ensure continuity of the overall promotion strategy throughout all segments of exposure. This means that the radio ad fits nicely with the TV commercial, the film product placement, and the official website.

More than just pumping content out to the web, the social media manager is also charged with creating a loyal following of the brand online and generating return visits that in turn generate greater buzz and sales.

Skills & Education

A four-year degree is expected for a position as a social media manager in the video game industry. Majors in marketing, communications, public relations, and entertainment business are all applicable to this career field. Employers expect that you have a solid knowledge of their library of game titles as well as other brands within the industry.

It goes without saying that you need to be up to date on relevant blogs, community forums, and social networking sites. If you are applying for a job as a social media manager, you’d better have a great Facebook page, tweet often and be tapped in to sites like Digg, StumbleUpon, MySpace, and LinkedIn while keeping an eye out for the next app to break out of the pack. Courses in statistical analysis are beneficial, as is education in other areas of entertainment like TV and film. You must have flexible, natural written and verbal communication skills and be a highly effective leader capable of formulating strategy and seeing it through. Ability to make effective use of social listening, search engine optimization and web analytics tools is a necessity

What to Expect

You must be tech-savvy but also a people person. As a social media manager, your job is to create a community around your brand and engage the online audience in purposeful interaction. This is not the job for an introvert. You will also work closely in large teams when developing and executing a broad marketing and PR strategy across multiple media platforms. This position carries with it a great deal of responsibility to properly represent the brand as the online authority on the game. Your presence online reflects on the company as a whole. Deadlines and high expectations are constantly looming over you, so you need to be able to work efficiently with little supervision. Most of all, you have to have a passion for gaming and be a master of networking


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