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Overseeing the operations of the box office manager and all staff concerned with ticketing is the ticket sales manager. This person is responsible to the venue owner and operator and may work for a theatrical organization, concert hall, sporting arena, or small live event space.  


The ticket sales manager supervises all staff and departments relating to ticketing, including the box office, group sales representatives, telemarketing, and online sales. He or she is also in charge of patron subscription services and membership campaigns, which attract audiences and donors through the sale of season tickets. Concerning the box office, the ticket sales manager works closely with the box office manager to establish and maintain an effective and efficient ticketing system, which today is generally automated through computer software. He or she will also put in place policies and procedures for the exchange of tickets, seat assignments, refunds, and mechanisms for identifying counterfeit tickets. While it is the box office manager’s duty to supervise his or her staff and account for all monetary transactions, the ticket sales manager is tasked with ensuring that person is doing his or her job correctly.

The mission of the group sales department is generally separate from the box office, and as the name implies, pertains strictly to booking groups; these include school classes, tours, or corporate outings. Group sales representatives actively court possible clients, as well as taking inbound requests to attend performances. The ticket sales manager coordinates between this department and the box office to set group ticket rates and ensure that at the time of booking, an adequate block of seats can be provided. With groups, like subscribers and members, the ticket sales manager may also take on the responsibility of customer relations, as it is important to the continued success of the venue that patrons feel appreciated and acknowledged with individual service from senior managers.

To drive sales at the venue for each event, the ticket sales manager will collaborate with multiple departments, including marketing, promotions, and those working under the general manager, to conceive of innovative means by which to attract customers. This may include setting up special discounts or subsidized ticket partnerships. For example, a community theater may offer local schools substantially discounted tickets in order to lure school groups and families to the event. Creating strategic partnerships with the neighboring community and corporate sponsors is a very important task of the ticket sales manager, as greater cooperation drives interest and participation to the venue, thus leading to higher sales.

In all activities, the ticket sales manager is concerned with monitoring the strength of sales, accounting for transactions, and for presenting new ideas to enhance operations.

Skills & Education

A theatrical or entertainment background is not a prerequisite for a career as a ticket sales manager, though a college education in entertainment business is encouraged. Similar majors in business administration or event management are applicable. Study should include courses in mathematics, finance, accounting, and public relations. Since most ticketing systems are automated through software, a command of relevant computer applications is necessary, including database systems, Excel, Word, and others. The ticket sales manager should be highly detail-oriented with excellent written and verbal communication abilities. Most importantly, this person must be trustworthy and responsible when dealing with large sums of money through numerous point-of-sale outlets.

What to Expect

Most ticket sales managers begin their paths working in the box office as ticket sellers or as ushers with the house staff. If you are interested in this career, you should consider seeking out entry-level positions with the box office or house staff, including volunteer positions. Similarly, work with the subscription and membership department or group sales can lead toward advancement to the role of box office manager or group sales manager, and eventually, ticket sales manager. This position is hired by the venue owner or operator and is considered a permanent, full-time role. Employment opportunities may be available with any venue that hosts live events, such as theatrical productions, concerts, sporting events, or similar functions.


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