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Art Department Coordinator

The art department coordinator acts as the administrator of the crew; he or she is under the supervision of the art director. The coordinator assists this person in the business matters of the department, as well as the smooth operation of pre-production, principal photography, and wrap-up.

Assistant Art Director

The assistant art director is responsible for executing tasks delegated by the art director; these may include management of personnel, disbursement of budget allowances, and overseeing art department activities on set.

Concept Artist

Within the art department of a film or television production, a concept artist aids designers in the rendering or drafting necessary to clarify ideas for the construction of props, scenery, costumes, and visual effects elements.

Storyboard Artist

Storyboarding a script essentially transforms pages of dialogue and description into a comic book. Sequential single-frame illustrations are compiled to depict sequences or scenes that may be too complex to accurately describe in words alone. The director and other members of the production staff rely on storyboards to demonstrate camera angles and lay out shots that may require considerable post-production with the inclusion of visual effects.

Costume Designer

You can tell a lot about a character on the screen before a word of dialogue is uttered—if the costume designer has done a good job. Costumes reflect the character’s personality, culture, lifestyle, and environment; more than just dressing the actor, costumes aid the story and the performer’s immersion into the role. It is up to the costume designer to occupy the character’s psyche and reflect it in the actor’s wardrobe.