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Artistic Director

The artistic director of a performing arts organization, such as a regional theater or opera, is the chief creative officer responsible for the artistic vision of the company. This person assumes creative control over choices regarding show selection and staging, and those concerning the employment of artistic and production staff.  He or she may also serve as a spokesperson for the organization and is therefore a public figure whose goal is to attract audiences through positive interaction with the media and surrounding community. 

Lead Lighting Artist

Lighting is an important element in the creation of a game’s look and feel. An environment is not complete without the mood that is set by shadowy dark corners or bright rays across a vast landscape. In an effort to provide levels that feel realistic and enhance the overall style of the game, studios require the artistic talent and discerning eye of lighting artists.

Combat Systems Designer

Before the Spartan soldiers face the Covenant aliens in Halo: Reach, a combat systems designer creates weaponry, armor, mechanics, and other game elements that combine to create a truly exciting gameplay experience. Everything from the Spartans’ active camouflage to Kratos’ Nemesis Whip (God of War 3) is the handiwork of a combat design team.