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AV Concepts

AV Concepts provides audio-visual and creative services for a wide range of live and televised events. Founded by Red Mandrick and Nick Smith in 1987, the company continues to push the boundaries of technological innovation in the field of live production.

Swank Audio Visuals

P. Ray Swank and his wife Lucille founded Swank Audio Visuals more than 70 years ago. The company initially entered the market as a portable projection service that supplied motion picture entertainment for events. Today, the organization has grown to include a wider variety of multimedia event services, from design to installation and operation.

Recording Engineer

Before recording engineer Geoff Emerick was racking up acclaim and awards for his work with the Beatles, Elvis Costello, Cheap Trick, and Nellie McKay, he spent hours toiling away in the studio with the bands. Every note had to be shaped, mixed, and balanced together to achieve the artist’s intended vision. With the advent of increasingly more sophisticated audio manipulation technology, the recording engineer’s role in the production of a record is just as creative and vital as that of the vocalist, drummer, or guitarist.

Foley Artist

Jack Donovan Foley is the father of motion picture sound effects. Though he never received a screen credit for his work, Foley invented many of the techniques for creating (or re-creating) sound effects for film, television, and radio. During the filming of Spartacus (1960), Stanley Kubrick wanted to reshoot a scene of the massive Roman army to get the sound of their metal shields and swords clashing just right; Foley jingled a set of keys in front of a microphone and called it a day.