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Supervising Sound Editor

The supervising sound editor is a department head who oversees the entire post-production sound crew, including the music editor, sound editor, Foley artist, and ADR editor.

Sound Designer

The work of a sound designer in the video game development industry is not dissimilar to that of film and television or live production. Both are charged with establishing the overall aural aesthetic of the product, but the game sound designer does not work from a single established script; rather he or she creates an auditory world that changes, evolves, and is manipulated through the player’s experience.

Elias Arts


Jonathan Elias, a composer and record producer, founded Elias Associates in 1980. The music and advertising firm later became Elias Arts, responsible for the MTV “Moon Landing” theme, the Columbia Pictures theme, and the unmistakable Yahoo! yodel.

Jingle All the Way: Producer Kenny Segal

On the surface, Los Angeles producer Kenny Segal’s underground credentials seem untouchable: Now 30 years old, Segal experimented with digital music before he could even drive, downloading coders’ proprietary sequencers and graphing them onto rave and drum & bass beats at a time when most people were still learning the term “World Wide Web.” He won a computer engineering scholarship to the University of Southern California and quickly endeared himself to the indie hip-hop community, producing bea

Voice-over Designer

In the development of a game with an especially high volume of dialogue, a voice-over designer is hired to support the audio lead, game writers, and recording engineers in the production of voice-over assets.

Wildfire Post-Production Studios

Wilshire Stages was purchased and renamed Wildfire Post-Production Studios in 2007 by the duo of veteran re-recording and sound mixers Chris David and Leslie Shatz.

Adirondack Studios

Co-owners David Thomas Lloyd and Christopher Detmer founded Adirondack Studios in 1975 in upstate New York with the core objective of providing custom scenery and technology solutions to the performing arts industry.

Audio Programmer

The audio programmer at a game development studio works under the supervision of the audio lead to develop tools used to integrate sound into the game, and write code to manipulate and trigger audio cues like sound effects and background music.

Clair Brothers

The first gig for Roy and Gene Clair’s fledgling operation was a show for Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons at F&M College in their home state of Pennsylvania. As the brothers built upon their expertise and business savvy, their client list grew to include the Rolling Stones, Queen, Elton John, and U2; they rocked Live Aid and were witness to the infamous Woodstock ’99. 

Recording Studio Technician

Recording studios stockpile a vast inventory of audio gear to meet the varied needs of their clients. To keep it all in good working order, studio managers rely on the skill and talent of technicians who are specifically trained to diagnose and treat any short circuit or buzz in the line.