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A Rock Star's Guide to Networking: Randy Nichols

Quit name-dropping and start building grassroots connections from the ground up. In the music business, slow and steady often wins the race, says Randy Nichols, CEO of Force Media Management, a New York firm that’s best known for managing pop-punk and hardcore groups including Bayside, The Startling Line, Underoath, and The Almost.

Tour Smart: Martin Atkins on Building a Fan Base and Packing the Venue

According to the gospel of Martin Atkins, there’s only one commandment emerging musicians should live by: Treat your art like a business.

Managing the Iconic Emblem of Weirdness: Scott Booker

When Scott Booker began managing a ragtag group of freaks called The Flaming Lips in 1990, the odds were impossibly against him. The band had more charisma than musical ability, and they were from Oklahoma City, which in terms of the record industry might as well have been Pluto.


Co-founders Peter Gotcher and Shamal Ranasinghe combined their music business savvy and corporate experience to offer indie artists the tools to drive their own success.