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International Creative Management (ICM)

International Creative Management is a talent and literary agency representing clients in the fields of live performance, music, film, television, and publishing.

Warner Bros. Pictures

Albert, Sam, Harry, and Jack were the brothers Warner. Four years after incorporating their film company, they released the world’s first synchronized-sound feature (talkie), The Jazz Singer, in 1927. Today the motion picture arm of Warner Bros. is one of the largest and most recognizable brands in the entertainment industry, with a catalog of more than 6,650 films.

A&R Scout

An A&R scout works for the record label and is responsible for finding new musical talent and developing that talent. A&R scouts are the first point of contact between artists and record labels, and by keeping up with musical trends and acts as they appear, scouts bring up-and-coming bands and solo acts to the attention of the A&R department. A&R scout is the lowest rung of the A&R ladder, below the A&R executive but critical to the discovery and development process. 

Promotion Manager

The primary purpose of the promotion department is to obtain airplay for the record label’s albums and singles on as many stations in as many markets as possible. The promotion manager answers to the vice president or director of promotion, and oversees the larger promotion staff. This staff may be broken into segments based on music genre or geographical area, with a manager for each segment

Promotion Associate

Most radio stations only put a handful of new releases on the air each week, so slots in the rotation are limited; this translates to intense competition between promotion departments at different labels for their slice of the pie. It takes a certain vigor and unwillingness to accept defeat to survive in the music business as a promotion associate.

Business Manager

A business manager handles the financial affairs of entertainers, athletes, and other high-profile public figures. This person may work for a large management firm with several clients, or as a dedicated partner to one group or individual.

Marketing Representative

Marketing responsibilities within an entertainment media company are usually divided between a local representative who serves one large city or metro area and a regional representative who oversees a larger area, such as the northeast United States. In either case, the function is essentially the same: to craft an effective marketing campaign that will drive product sales.


A large pool of similar divisions work within the entertainment industry to advertise, market, and promote bands, actors, movies, and TV shows to the public. Within this pool is the publicist. This individual may work in-house for a record label or film studio or for an outside publicity firm, but in either case publicists work hard to remain experts in the demographics and popular press of their geographic region or market segment. 

A&R Executive

The A&R (Artists and Repertoire) executive’s main focus is finding new artists and building a label’s repertoire, but the full scope their responsibilities are far greater. The A&R executive must maintain the balance of art and business. He or she should be an ally to the artist within the record label, but is an employee of the record company whose career is tied to the success or failure of the talent on their roster.

Tour Manager

A major concert tour is a huge undertaking. Moving a small army of performers, crew, support staff and gear across the country and the world requires great attention to detail, organization, and planning. The tour manager is responsible for keeping the show on the road and running smoothly. Logistical concerns like finance, accommodations, transportation, promotions, and merchandise all fall in the tour manager’s domain. The tour manager holds the paychecks, the room keys, and the phone number for late-night Chinese take-out in Kansas City—and always remembers where the bus is parked.