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Pierre’s Costumes

Founded as Pierre’s Uniforms Inc., in 1943, the uniform manufacturer transitioned into the entertainment industry as a costume fabrication and rental house with the purchase of Miller Costumier’s (active since 1876) inventory in 1961.

Voice-Casting Director

What does a friendly and optimistic talking frog sound like? How about a troublesome yellow 10-year-old? Just about anyone aware of pop culture could give you their best Kermit the Frog or Bart Simpson impression or perhaps enact Yoda having a conversation with Bugs Bunny. What these memorable characters all have in common is a distinctive voice that is inextricably linked to the image audiences carry in their minds. So, how does one go about achieving such a perfect pairing of personality and voice?

Lead Character Artist

The lead character artist works under the supervision of the creative director and art director to lead the team of character artists in the creation of art assets and maintains the established aesthetic of the characters through the production process.

Motion Capture Artist

The motion capture artist works closely with the direction team and actors from pre-production through post in creating computer-generated characters who move, interact, and look just as lifelike on the screen as real people. Far beyond just generating a digital cast member, the motion capture artist and his or her crew strive to create a digital actor whose performance is no less convincing than the flesh-and-blood counterpart.