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Previz Artist

A previz artist is a skilled generalist with considerable experience in digital animation and a keen eye for cinematography. He or she is a member of the visual effects team who is responsible for creating previsualization animatics during pre-production. At the request of the director, animatics are used to plan various iterations of a complex scene, providing the director with a rough representation of character blocking, the environment, digital effects, and other cinematic elements.

3-D Scanning Technician

Three-dimensional scanning is a process by which people, objects, or environments are analyzed by a device that can transmit that data for constructing digital 3-D representations of the subject. This process differs from motion capture.

Walt Disney Animation Studios

Walt and Roy Disney founded the Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio in 1923. Known today as Walt Disney Animation Studios, it is the oldest subsidiary of the Walt Disney Company. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was released in 1937 as the first full-length animated feature film in English and Technicolor.


Hydraulx Visual Effects was founded by Greg and Colin Strause in 2002 and has quickly amassed an impressive list of clients. Hydraulx Filmz is the production division of the studio, helmed by the directing duo of the Brothers Strause (as they are known) and directors Shaun Silva and Scott Kinsey, AKA Goodfear.

Character Rigger

Fluid movement of a character is a vital element in creating a dynamic game-play experience. The expressiveness of facial features, the way a character walks, holds a battleaxe or carries a rifle are integral to the enjoyment of a video game—visually and emotionally. The artistic talents and technical skill of a character rigger are employed in game design to animate realistic characters in a virtual world and enhance the immersion of a player into the game.


Video game animators, like cartoon animators, are responsible for portraying movement and behavior. They bring to life characters and creatures, and apply their skills to objects, scenery, and environmental effects. Whether the game is as stylized as Batman: Arkham Asylum or a photorealistic stunner such as Modern Warfare, animators must create emotionally believable characters that allow the player to interact with the game in a realistic way. The way a tank traverses the terrain or Harley Quinn climbs the stairs must precisely mimic movement in real life.