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Theatrical Milliner

A theatrical milliner is a hat maker who is specifically trained in constructing headwear for the stage or film and television. This person works closely with the costume designer to create character-specific hats, bonnets, and other accessories that further enhance the authenticity of the show and complete the actor’s look.

Weta Workshop

The Lord of the Rings trilogy may have been the film franchise that first drew public attention to Weta Workshop—the studio won four Oscars for their work on the films—but the New Zealand shop named after the giant cricket indigenous to New Zealand has been servicing the entertainment industry since its inception in 1987.

Costume Designer

A costume designer must have an inherent talent for visual presentation and drop-dead wardrobe flair. Whether you are creating a show-stopping leather number for a pop star’s tour or taking a stab at recreating Audrey 2 for Little Shop of Horrors, your looks must gain favor with the audience, or risk damaging their impression of the production.

Costume Dresser

A production with a small cast of a dozen or fewer is no great undertaking for the costume department, but when performers number several dozen or in the hundreds, a small army of costume dressers is employed to get bodies into garments and back onstage with impressive speed.

Assistant Costume Designer

The last stop on your way toward becoming a professional stage costume designer is to apprentice under a senior designer as an assistant. You are charged with keeping the logistics and creative chaos under control while the department churns out garments for a cast of two … or 200. 

Key Costumer

The key costumer is responsible for supervising the on-set activities of the wardrobe department, including managing personnel and maintaining the costume designer’s artistic vision.