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Cinematics Illustrator

Cinematic sequences, or cut scenes, are incorporated between segments of regular gameplay to further the plot and deepen the player’s overall experience and interaction with the characters and story. These sequences have become increasingly sophisticated, with greater attention to film-quality animation, requiring specialists dedicated solely to the creation of art assets for cut scenes. 

Cinematics Director

Similar to the work of a director for animated films or television, the cinematics director is ultimately responsible for the completion of animated sequences, or cut scenes, which are integrated into the regular gameplay to enhance the story and character progression.

Cinematics Designer

Cinematics, or cutscenes, are the segments of animated storytelling that are intertwined throughout a video game to further the characterization and plot (as in Halo, Final Fantasy, and StarCraft). These elements have become integral to the way studios develop games, and the production of cinematic scenes requires a designer with the necessary combination of both technical and artistic skills.