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Method Studios

Method Studios is an award-winning visual effects group based in Los Angeles, Calif., which serves clients in feature film, television commercials, and game publishing.

Production Coordinator

The production coordinator works within a record label and contributes to the creation of art and written copy assets for packaging, promotional materials, and other consumer-targeted products. This person is the chief point of contact in monitoring the completion of these assets and assists senior-level managers within multiple departments.

Costume Designer

A costume designer must have an inherent talent for visual presentation and drop-dead wardrobe flair. Whether you are creating a show-stopping leather number for a pop star’s tour or taking a stab at recreating Audrey 2 for Little Shop of Horrors, your looks must gain favor with the audience, or risk damaging their impression of the production.

Makeup Designer

The design process is about telling a story, and a makeup artist paints that story in color. The actor emotes through his or her body and face, but it is the makeup designer’s task to enhance that emotion and help convey the character.