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Taylor Emrey Glascock: Photographing 'You're Next'

Taylor Emrey Glascock was chasing a career as a photojournalist while interning for the Columbus Dispatch, Dallas Morning News, and Peoria Journal Star. But before she found her perspective through the lens, Glascock had her sights set on print journalism.

EPK Producer

Electronic press kits, or EPKs, are commissioned by film and television production companies for use in publicity material sent to members of the media, as DVD extras, and in promotional packages. The footage included in the EPK usually consists of behind-the-scenes shots and “making of” videos, as well as interviews with the cast and crew.

Herzog & Company

Herzog & Company, also known as Herzog-Cowen Entertainment, was formed through the partnership of director-producers Mark Herzog and Mark Cowen. The creative studio specializes in marketing content, EPKs, and creative programming for film and television properties.

Unit Videographer

The unit videographer (also known as EPK cameraperson, or video camera operator) is hired to record behind-the-scenes and “making of” footage for films and television shows for use in electronic press kits and/or DVD extras. While the first unit production crew is filming the movie or show, the unit videographer and a small team are following their every move, and capturing interviews.

Unit Stills Photographer

The unit stills photographer works on a freelance basis and is hired by the producer, studio publicity department, PR firm, or film sales agent. This person is responsible for photographing scenes during production on a film or television show that will be used in publicity materials, the movie poster, or DVD packaging.