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Paint Foreman

The paint foreman may be hired by the paint coordinator and begins work during pre-production on a film or television program. This person is second in command of the paint department and must be capable of assuming the role of the crew head in the event that the paint coordinator is unavailable.

Miniatures Builder

From the moon of George Méliès’ A Trip to the Moon to the buildings of Gotham City in The Dark Knight, miniatures have had played a historically pivotal role in creating amazing visual effects in film. The creation of these wonders is the responsibility of a miniatures builder, who is a member of the visual effects team that makes models.

Matte Painter

Some of the most iconic images in cinematic history owe their success to the talents of matte painters, from the shocking Statue of Liberty scene in Planet of the Apes to the awe-inspiring warehouse scene at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark. Matte painters are animation artists who create painted representations of landscapes, sets, and other locations as backgrounds for scenes that are either impossible to find or impossibly difficult to film.