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Game Changer: Kellee Santiago

In March of 2012, Kellee Santiago and her team at thatgamecompany launched Journey, a PlayStation 3 game that scooped up eight Academy of Interactive Arts and Science awards including Game of the Year. Two months later, she announced she was leaving the company.


Jenova Chen and Kellee Santiago founded thatgamecompany in 2006, after the success of Cloud, their award-winning student game project. TGC considers their products to be “core games,” meant to be universally accessible to serious gamers and non-gamers alike.

Lead Producer Robin Hunicke: Don’t Stop Believin’

As game concepts go, it’s about as minimalist as you’re ever likely to find: You wake up in the middle of a desert. You see a mountain in the distance, and you begin moving toward it, encountering people along the way who may (or may not) be able to help you on your way.