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In 2007, ScharffWeisberg merged with Video Applications to form a new comapny, WorldStage. The company is an industry leader in event and production technology with more than 30 years of experience serving the entertainment industry and corporate clients.

Monitor Engineer

Have you ever tried to carry a tune in a crowded, noisy room, unable to hear yourself? It isn’t easy. Musicians rely on stage monitors (speakers) and in-ear monitors to hear a specifically crafted mix of the vocals and instruments on stage; this keeps them on beat and singers on key. The best seat in the house goes to the monitor engineer, the technician tasked with crafting the artist’s monitor mix. 

Front of House (FOH) Engineer

More than any other person, the FOH engineer controls what the audience hears during a live performance. His or her primary concern is to ensure superior sound quality within the venue. To do that, the engineer must blend together instruments and vocals to achieve a perfectly balanced sound. In essence, the engineer behind the audio console is like a member of the band—and just as important to the audience’s perception. Without the proper mix from the soundboard, the work of the musicians on stage is wasted.