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Usability Researcher

Quality assurance testers are concerned with quantitative information, identifying and recording bugs in a game’s programming. Usability researchers, on the other hand, aim to track the qualitative response of a player, measuring the enjoyment factor when interacting with the game.

Localization Producer

Localization is the highly involved process of preparing a game developed in one part of the world, to be released in another; it entails enacting linguistic changes, as well as augmentations concerning culture, hardware, and software.

Insomniac Games

Insomniac Games is an independent game development company, founded in 1994 by President/CEO Ted Price. With the leadership of programmers Alex and Brian Hastings—serving as Chief Architect and Chief Creative Officer respectively—the team spearheaded the studio’s first title, Disruptor.

Lead Game Designer

Every avid gamer thinks he or she is sitting on a surefire idea guaranteed to revolutionize the industry—not many ever get the chance to prove that genius to the world. Game designers are the rare breed with an all-consuming passion for playing games, but also the practical and theoretical expertise to create a product that is both entertaining and technically sound. These uncommon individuals see the big picture, but have an obsessive eye for detail.