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Test Case Scenario: Dr. Deborah Hendersen

Credit: Dr. Deborah HendersonCredit: Dr. Deborah HendersonThere’s often a deep divide between a game designer’s goal and a player’s expectations, and that’s where behavioral researcher Dr. Deborah Hendersen comes in.

Test Case: Debunking the Myths of Game Testing

Quality assurance testing is one of the most common ways to break into a career in video games, but it’s also one of the most misunderstood jobs in the industry. Year after year, development studios vet fresh-faced applicants who believe that QA is little more than an easy way to stash cash while playing their favorite games. QA testers in the trenches know that the job is real work.

Engine Programmer

The engine programmer contributes to the design, addition, and modification of code and features that are built to enhance performance within a video game’s engine. This person works under the supervision of the engine lead and engine director to optimize memory and CPU capability, and to exploit the potential of current console platforms.

QA Software Engineer

Game development studios rely on a number of third-party and proprietary systems to ensure the effectiveness of game testing, also called quality assurance. QA software engineers build and implement the tools necessary for game debugging, build verification, automated testing, and data analysis.