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An A Cappella History of Video Game Themes

Do you even a cappella, bro?

Yes. Yes he does.

First off, dude has a working Nintendo NES. Respect. I have no recollection of the ultimate disappearance of my system, but Ecco the Dolphin so enraged my child mind that I dismantled my Sega Genesis to create circuit board art. So many pretty wires and shiny pieces.

But I digress.

Kid Tested: Dr. Alison Bryant

Kids’ tastes change radically in the blink of an eye, which is what keeps Dr. Alison Bryant coming to work everyday. Bryant is the founder and president of PlayCollective, a strategy, research, and design firm that helps organizations understand how to engage their target audience with entertainment and education products. While adults can simply be asked about their feelings on a specific product, discerning whether children will connect is a tougher challenge.

What Indie Films Can Learn From Games

Filmmakers are fighting for funding. Game companies are rolling in it. So perhaps it makes sense to look to games to revitalize how indie films are released. That’s what Mike Wilson is trying to do. A co-founder of Devolver, the Austin, Texas-based game distribution firm best known for its work on the Serious Sam and Hotline Miami series, Wilson is hoping his 20 years of experience in game development and distribution will crossover nicely into independent film.

EA and Waystone Games Open Community Beta for 'Dawngate'

Electronic Arts and Waystone Games announced a community beta for Dawngate, a multiplayer online battle arena game.

Master of the Universe: TQ Jefferson

While actor Chris Evans defends the world on screen, gamers can do the same from their mobile devices. One of several Marvel games that have been released in tandem with the franchise’s films and comic books, the Captain America: The Winter Soldier game is another step in merging the company’s rich superhero-filled universe across multiple mediums, says TQ Jefferson, Marvel’s VP of Game Production.

The Square Enix Collective Opens to Developers After Pilot Phase

Square Enix has announced the first team to emerge from the pilot phase of its Collective initiative. Montreal-based developer Tuque Games will begin a crowd funding campaign for World War Machine, a post-human RPG in which the player takes the form of, well, a death machine.

Creative Assembly Releases New 'Alien: Isolation' Dev Diary

The shadow of Aliens: Colonial Marines still hangs in the minds of players, but Creative Assembly is undaunted by the disenchanted masses. Alien: Isolation is shaping up to be the franchise game fans have begged for: a tense, terrifying survival horror experience that is true to the source material.

The Making of an inFAMOUS Soundtrack

Make a Scene: Lessons From South By Southwest

For Lena Dunham, this year’s South By Southwest festival may be like coming home.

Out of the Crucible: Volition Emerges to Redefine its Culture

Voliton has endured growing pains in the last two decades since its inception as Parallax software. Mike Kulas, founder and president of the Red Faction studio, stepped down in 2011, handing the keys over to Dan Cermak.