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Joey Sturgis: Producing Heavy Metal in the Box

These days, Joey Sturgis is the producer of choice for bands who want their metal hard, heavy, and with a flair for the dramatic. Working from a series of Midwest studios over the last decade (currently residing in Connersville, Ind.), he’s built an impressive, lengthy resume featuring works by a who’s who of artists currently defining the heavy music genres.

Heavy Machinery: Record Producer Machine

The record producer known simply as Machine (a.k.a. Gene Freeman) has been shaping the landscape of modern music since emerging on the scene in the mid-1990s, back when the digital music revolution was still in its infancy. Armed with a sampler and a love of sonic fusion, Machine quickly made a name through wildly inventive remixes and other various auditory concoctions that merged elements of metal, hip-hop, and industrial into one seamless listening experience.