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Frameworks Storyboards

Frameworks Storyboards is a boutique agency that offers storyboard and production illustration services for commercials, event advertising, music videos, television, and feature films. Artist representatives Chris Henschen and Jennifer Canal helm the company.

Storyboard Artist

Storyboarding a script essentially transforms pages of dialogue and description into a comic book. Sequential single-frame illustrations are compiled to depict sequences or scenes that may be too complex to accurately describe in words alone. The director and other members of the production staff rely on storyboards to demonstrate camera angles and lay out shots that may require considerable post-production with the inclusion of visual effects.

Cinematics Illustrator

Cinematic sequences, or cut scenes, are incorporated between segments of regular gameplay to further the plot and deepen the player’s overall experience and interaction with the characters and story. These sequences have become increasingly sophisticated, with greater attention to film-quality animation, requiring specialists dedicated solely to the creation of art assets for cut scenes.