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Graphic Designer

Across the full spectrum of the entertainment and media industries, there is a need for graphic designers to produce original art to be used for advertising, marketing, promotions, and PR materials. From movie posters to album covers and video game packaging to websites, striking visual collateral is essential to culling an audience.

Director of Publicity

The director of publicity for a record label oversees the functions of the publicity and press relations staff in support of artists signed to the label. He or she is tasked with developing a publicity campaign for the artist through collaboration with the department staff and artist’s management, and assigns a publicist to specific bands to implement and monitor the campaign.

A&R Administrator

If you’re an Excel whiz by day but crawl the clubs looking for the next new thing after business hours, this gig may be the perfect marriage of “real job” and music love. Pantsuits and ties are optional; passion for number-crunching is required.