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Art Department Coordinator

The art department coordinator acts as the administrator of the crew; he or she is under the supervision of the art director. The coordinator assists this person in the business matters of the department, as well as the smooth operation of pre-production, principal photography, and wrap-up.

Unit Production Manager

The role of a unit production manager is similar to that of a line producer, in that the UPM is hired by the producer during preproduction to oversee the budget and scheduling of a film or television show through the end of principal photography.

Line Producer

Expenditures on every film or television production are divided in two segments: above the line and below the line. Above the line refers to writers, producers, directors, and actors (including extras). Below the line refers to everything else: that is, crew, sets, equipment rental, insurance, and so on. In the middle of that division is the line producer—the line.