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Alloy Media + Marketing

Alloy Media + Marketing is an entertainment and media company that combines original content creation, feature production, and distribution to market media to the millennial generation.

Marketing Director

The marketing strategy around an entertainment brand, whether that is a product or entire company, is ultimately the responsibility of the Marketing Director. This person creatively designs marketing campaigns that reach out to the target audience to persuade customers to make a purchase.

Advertising Account Executive

The advertising account executive works within a record label or third-party ad agency to drive album sales and public interest through the development and implementation of paid advertising campaigns. This person receives an assignment from the director of advertising and will typically work with a short roster of artists within a specific label division or genre.

Marketing Representative

Marketing responsibilities within an entertainment media company are usually divided between a local representative who serves one large city or metro area and a regional representative who oversees a larger area, such as the northeast United States. In either case, the function is essentially the same: to craft an effective marketing campaign that will drive product sales.