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Community Service: Devin Casadey

A career in video games wasn’t always the plan. Devin Casadey earned his degree in Japanese Language and Literature from the University of Florida in 2005 and promptly accepted a position as an assistant language teacher for the Osaka City Board of Education in Osaka, Japan. Following his four-year stint overseas, Casadey returned to the United States without many job prospects, but a clear vision of where he wanted to go.

A New Hope: Blaine Christine

Garnering more than 1 million registered users within the first three days of launching, Star Wars: The Old Republic has been hailed as “the fastest growing subscription MMO in the history of [the gaming] industry” and is rumored to be the most expensive game ever developed.

Beneath the Shroud: Richard Garriott

The workspace of the Austin, Texas-based game development company, Portalarium, looks virtually indistinguishable from every other downtown office except for one not-so-minor difference—a four-foot mustachioed robot patrols the halls. Guided by Portalarium co-founder Richard Garriott’s laptop, the freewheeling automaton is how Garriott sees, hears, and speaks to employees in the Lone Star state while living in New York City.